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Articles and interviews focusing on Human Resource issues in today's dynamic workplace.

Ashlie Johnson and colleagues offer insight and respond to questions from the business community.
Ashlie contributes regularly to Greater Madison In Business magazine.
InBusiness Magazine Article

InBusiness Magazine Article

Anti-harassment policies and why your business should have one.

InBusiness Magazine Article

Ashlie answers the question "So, youve just been demoted. What next?" for InBusiness reporter Jason Busch.

InBusiness Magazine Article
"Large and In Charge "

 - Ashlie comments on "Generation Z" for InBusiness Magazine


InBusiness Magazine Article
BLOG  -  LAW AT WORK - I-9 Audits

 - Ashlie Johnson & Jessica Kramer

InBusiness Magazine Article
"More Wisconsin workers testing positive for coke, meth, pot"

 - Ashlie comments on employer issues regarding drugs in the workplace.

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"Party On...In Moderation"

"Want to ensure a safe, successful, and lawsuit-free office holiday party this year?"

 - Follow these tips from Ashlie Johnson, HR Consultant.

InBusiness Magazine 

"Sayonara Salary History?"

 - Ashlie Johnson discusses HR implications on efforts to ban requests for salary history in job applications.